Inaprayer was born through our personal experience of difficulties finding travel friendly (as it small and lightweight), classy, comfortab, yet affordable prayer wear (mukena) to support our daily-on-the-go lifestyle.

As young and modern women mobility become our identity. We pray five times a day and mostly praying outside the house like in public areas. As a consequence, we end up wearing public prayer set or mukena provided and hanging on the mosque or mushola. We do not always get a clean and comfortable mukena as we wish, do we? That is why it is essential for us always to bring our personal favorite mukena everywhere we go to establish the best mood when we pray to Allah.

Therefore, here at Inaprayer, our aim is simply to provide you a lifestyle prayer wear (mukena) support your daily Ibadah in that hectic on the go lifestyle. Whether it be brought to school or work in your small/medium size bag, be kept in the drawer in your workspace, or small compartment in your car, Inaprayer will always be ready to accompany you

We carefully choose our material and specially design each of our prayer set to ensure it meets our value: travel-friendly (small and lightweight), classy, comfortable, and absolutely affordable so it can be reached by most of our Muslimah sisters. Should you feel otherwise, please give us your feedback through #myinaprayer

No more reason for not bringing mukena wherever you go. As long as you can bring your make up pouch, you definitely can bring your favorite mukena as well